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Meet Kermit v Orangina

Kermit the unique Boxster!                        And Introducing Orangina!


The creation of Kermit, the unique boxster,                                 A new creation from CMSPorsche belonging to one of our own Group Stock Purchaser.
that can't make its mind up, whether its a 911,                              A One-Off Lamborghini Orange Arancio Pearlescent
a Turbo or a one off Boxster.  Hence it is now                             Another GT3 3.2S yes, but with a different colour scheme
the GT3 now a He and is called Kermit 3.2S.                                and different extra's to Kermit.                                                                                                 

He first arrived as a very battered unloved                                 Just another beat up Black Boxster!

Porsche Boxster just like the numerous         
other Boxsters that have darkened our doors.

 Stripped to the shell                                                                      Stripped to the shell

After a long and painful thought                                                   Like Kermit the car was taken back 
the kermit project began. The colour                                            to basic's.  If a project is worth doing  
of the paintwork was chosen first. The                                        then its worth doing well!                                                          
name Kermit soon followed.                     

In the paint shop                                                                            Again, in the paint shop

The car was stripped completely down                                        The entire shell was resprayed
to the shell. Kermit is green through                                            orange.
and through! 

Back to basics  

Progress can be slow but the quality                                           Once the shell was resprayed we
of the finish is always well worth                                               could start rebuilding her.  Firstly,
the finished project.                                                                     the wiring.

Complete Respray                                                                          Next we attached the outer body 
And now this is what Kermit looks like          
                                                                                                        All outer body parts were resprayed in orange.


He truely is GREEN through and through!!!!!!!                           Then, the car was completed resprayed again.


CMSPorsche  Hortonwood 66,  Telford, Shropshire TF1 7GB  Phone/Fax 01952 608911  Email:
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