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Just a quick story with photographic evidence, in their own words, about a barn find Porsche which has become one of the newest memebers of the Classic Car Collection we posess here at 

"In the middle of March 2016, I receieved a call from an old longstanding Customer about an old 924, that he knew of sat in a Barn, where it had been for over 10 years, that a friend of his had asked him to sell. 

He Started to explain the car to me and sold it originally as a Brown 924 with a Brown interior, which had not run since it had been taken off the road after it had just been serviced in 2004.

We went to see the car and to our amazement it turned out to be an extremely rare, low mileage 924 Turbo, that was in a very original condition and apart from some tatty front seats and a bit of rust on the front wings was what appeared to be overall a superb and well preserved little car.

We purchased the car and brought it back here to cmsporsche. We gave the engine a major service and coolant flush and got the Engine turning over. We then found the fuel pump to be ceased, so we replaced it and we stripped and cleaned all of the fuel system. After re-assembling it, and to our amazement and satisfaction she went first turn of the key, sounding as sweet as she could be. We have recently overhauled the brakes and fitted 4 Brand New Retro Style Pirelli P600 Tyres and proceeded to put it through its first MOT since 2004, to see what else might be needed to make it road legal and again to our amazement and satisfaction it passed straight through with no advisories either.

The next stage in early Spring 2017, will be to re-trim the seats and to freshen up the paintwork with an oven baked, windows out re-spray, back into its original two-tone colour scheme."

 To keep up to date with the restoration of this rare, water cooled, transaxle classic Porsche, then please keep an eye on "our Restoration Projects". To see our Restoration Projects please
click here or if you have any question then please click here to contact us.


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